3-Steps To Great Water In Your Home Or Business

Step #1: Testing Your Water:

The first step towards having great water in your home or office is to identify everything that is in your water by testing a sample of it. There are a few testing options available to you listed below:

  • Local Government Labs
  • Local Private Labs
  • Water Testing kits

We realize these methods can be expensive and time-consuming, so Blue Ridge Water Experts offers free water testing to all of it’s customers. It’s quick and easy. If you’re interested, click the button below to contact us:

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Step #2: Determine Which Water Treatment System(s) You Need:

Once you have your water test results a custom water treatment system can be assembled to remove the things in your water that shouldn’t be there. Each problem element in your water requires a unique system component in order to remove it.

The following list shows some common water problems, causes, and cures. If at any point you’d like one of our water treatment experts to assist you with this process, feel free to contact one at 506-260-6029 or by using any other method on our contact page by clicking here.

Hardness Soap curd & lime scum in bath, white scale in pipes Excessive magnesium & calcium salts Water Softener (cationic ion exchanger)
Grittiness Feels abrasive when washing, leaves residual in bath Silt passing through well screen Sand trap, membrane filtration
Odor Grassy or musty Organic matter Activated carbon filtration
Odor/Taste Chlorine Excessive chlorination Activated carbon filtration
Odor Rotten egg Hydrogen Sulfide Manganese greensand, chlorination, aeration
Odor Rotten egg Sulfate bacteria Disinfect pipe system
Odor Chemical (phenol) Industrial waste seeping into water supply Stop seepage, Activated carbon filtration
Taste Salty or brackish High sodium or magnesium content Cation/anion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation
Taste Metallic Low pH Acid neutralization
Taste Metallic High iron content Oxidation & filtration
Corrosion of Stainless Steel Blackening or pitting of sinks and dishwashers Excessive chloride content Reverse osmosis
Turbidity Mud, silt, clay Suspended matter in water supply Sediment Filtration
Acidic water Green stains on plumbing fixtures Low pH reacting with copper & brass piping, fittings Acid neutralization
Red water Stains dishes and laundry Dissolved iron Oxidation & filtration
Red water Red sediment when water is left standing Precipitation iron Filtration
Red water Red color even after water is left standing for 24 hours Colloidal iron Oxidation & filtration
Milky water Cloudiness when drawn Entrained air from faulty pump Water will clear quickly
Milky water Cloudiness when drawn Sludge pickup in hot water heater Clean heater periodically
Milky water Cloudiness when drawn Methane gas Aeration with proper venting (volatile gas)
Fluorides Yellowish, mottled teeth in children Excessive fluoride Activated alumina, reverse osmosis, deionization, distillation
Heavy metals No color, taste or odor signs. May effect health Products from corrosion, industrial waste Softening, deionization, reverse osmosis
Nitrates No color, taste or odor signs. Potental health hazard for infants Human/animal waste & fertilizers seeping into water supply Anionic ion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization
Pesticides & Herbicides Chemical taste Excessive agricultural spray applications Activated carbon filtration
Radioactive contaminants No color, taste or odor signs. Potential health risk Radon gas Aeration at faucet, carbon absorption
Radioactive contaminants No color, taste or oder signs. Potential health risk Natural radium radioactivity, atmospheric fallout, nuclear waste Water softening, deionization, reverse osmosis

Step #3: Installing Your Water Treatment System:

After you or one of our water treatment experts has identified the correct system to treat your water the next step is to purchase the equipment and arrange for installation.

Located in Fredericton, Blue Ridge Water Experts provides professional installation and maintenance services to homes and businesses throughout New Brunswick. We guarantee the lowest price on your water treatment system by matching any competing price quotes.

Water treatment systems can have a wide price-range depending on what is necessary to treat your particular water issue(s). We provide financing that can be applied for, and approved, online in minutes by clicking here. Currently we are offering 12 equal payments with 0% interest financing.

If you would like to contact us to arrange the purchasing and installation of your water treatment system, press the button below:

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