Sometimes life can keep us really busy and when this happens its nice to have someone who will take care of the small things. Blue Ridge will deliver its refreshing premium bottled water right to your water cooler with our easy and convenient professional bottled water delivery service. Home or office, we will always make sure our premium water is readily available when you need it, giving you a little more peace of mind.

Bottled Water Delivery Service

Bottled Water Delivery – How It Works…

SPECIAL OFFER! First 4 bottles are FREE for first-time customers getting regular bottled water delivery.

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Sign up and schedule your first delivery.

1) Sign up by entering a few details in the form directly below, then press submit.

2) A representative will contact you within 1 business day to confirm a delivery schedule.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions 457-2583

Set up

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Setting up bottled water delivery.

A bottled water delivery driver will come to your requested location on the date you selected during sign up to install your bottled water and water cooler.

During this visit, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose a designated spot for pick-up of empty bottles and drop-off of full water bottles.

Just like that, you’re ready to go.


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Getting on your schedule.

After your initial set-up visit, you can expect your delivery driver to visit every two weeks, according to a designated schedule.

What happens if you’re not there to receive your delivery? No worries! You can still receive delivery service simply by leaving your empty water bottles in the spot you’ve designated so your delivery driver can exchange the empties for full bottles.

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Blue Ridge Water Bottled Water Delivery Fredericton

Pricing Details

Standard Water Cooler Bottle Size:
18.9 Litre: $7.00

Other Sizes Available:
11.3 Litre: $6.00
4 Litre: $1.10
1 Litre: $0.70
500 mL: $0.50

Distilled Bottled Water Sizes Available:
18.9 Litre: $8.50
4 Litre: $2.85

Volume discounts are available*

We Have More Great Options For You.

Water Drop
Blue Ridge Water provides water pick-up or refill at our retail store at 156 Main Street, Fredericton Northside. Blue Ridge water is also available for pick up at Scholten’s, Canadian Tire, Co-op and other locations. Please contact or office for exact locations.Learn More
Windsor System Saver Salt
You can now add salt to your water orders. Windsor Salt 20 kg bags are $10.00 each. Minimum of 4 bags per delivery. Invoices will be dropped off with each delivery. Payment is due within 14 days of invoice date for Residential; within 30 days of invoice for Business.Learn More
Keurig K-Cups Coffee Packs
Keurig K-Cup packs are now also available for delivery with your water order. Choose from a wide variety of K-Cups flavours and have them delivered right to your door.See Flavours
Window Water Vending Machine Station
Blue Ridge provides 24/7 outdoor coin operated water refill stations at its 156 Main Street and 139 Riverside Drive, Fredericton locations.See Locations
Blue Ridge offers retailers (C-Stores, gas stations, grocery stores, etc…) with low wholesale pricing on all bottled water.  With this program, Blue Ridge provides no charge bottle water racks, and store signage to help drive traffic to your store on a re-occurring basis. We also have a selection of coolers available for rent or purchase, in a variety of colors and styles.Learn More